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Sky Courier manages logistics and transportation of materials for clinical trials, packaging and routing.

We offer temperature controlled transportation services for the pharmaceutical industry.

- Ambient (uncontrolled) (+ 15 ° C to + 25 ° C)
- Refrigerated (+ 2 ° C to + 8 ° C)
- Dry ice (-70 ° C)
- Infectious substances
- Conditioning boxes + 2 + 8C

We provide you with approved packaging, a specialized and experienced team, available for you 24 hours a day.

The temperature during transport is monitored with a dat logger.

We provide time and temperature-sensitive transportation services to the pharmaceutical industry, , including Eastern Europe(  Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria).

Medical clinics and laboratories

Medical clinics and laboratories

Customized support

Every clinical trial is unique. And no one can customize a product delivery program quite like we can. 
Supply chain optimization and regulatory compliance demand more than safe and timely transport.

services including delivery of medication, pickup of specimens and drug/ancillary supply returns. By bringing life-saving treatments directly into patients’ homes, we help ease patient recruitment and retention.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, each project requires the development of a model of cooperation and process adjustment. The products have their own unique characteristics and their logistics require a thorough understanding of customer needs but also the provision of dedicated solutions.
  Trust, security and quality are key factors in cooperating with a company in this sector, both in terms of business and human resources.
Sky Courier has extensive experience and people specialized in the transport of drugs and substances, offers air transport services and temperature-controlled packaging according to IATA standards

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Certified ISO
Certified ISO 2
Certified AEO
Certified IATA

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