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Live animals

The transport of live animals by air is considered to be the most convenient method of transporting animals over long distances.
Responsibilities of the sender:

- to purchase the right cage so that the transported animal has enough space to return, to be able to stand, but also to be able to lie down in a comfortable position, so that the transport of the animal can take place in a more natural way. We mention that IATA does not certify or recommend a certain type of cage or manufacturer. The minimum requirements imposed by IATA can be found by accessing the following link: Container Requirement 1 - CR1.
- to provide the agent / airline with the necessary food for the animal, but also information regarding the way in which it must be fed during the entire transport.
- to provide the agent / airline with the sex, age, breed of the animal, weight, but also the size of the cage in which it will be transported.
- to choose the itinerary.
-to complete and sign two copies of "Shipper's Certification for Live Animals", standard form provided by the agent / airline.

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